About Mattress & Bedrooms Express

Why Shop with Mattress & Bedrooms Express?
When purchasing a new home, most people refer to the expertise of real estate agents; specialized professionals that have been and will be selling homes for years. Why accept less expertise when you need to fill your new home with Mattresses? Stop and think about it. If you really want help — go to the experts!

​We are a local family owned business that has​ been in the furniture business for over 18 years. That’s what we know, that’s what we do, and that’s what we love! It’s our business to know everything about the most popular and reliable manufacturers around. So, if you want to find the latest trends in home furnishings at the lowest prices, come shop with us and expect nothing less than expert advice and friendly customer service.

Support Your Local Small Business

We’re proud to be a local BBB Accredited Business.